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Donna Price, director
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What we do. Our goal.

Georgians for Verified Voting is a nonpartisan, nonprofit citizens action group that advocates for secure, transparent, auditable voting systems and processes for elections in the State of Georgia and the USA.

GAVV endorses the following voting system:  A statewide precinct-based paper ballot scanning voting system for casting and counting voter-verified paper ballots; to replace the direct recording electronic (DRE) voting system; to authorize voter-marked paper ballots as the ballot of record; to provide for post-election audits; to authorize provision of new equipment.  To know more about how this works and why it's a good solution is see our Legislation page.

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In every way possible eliminate ambiguity.

GAVV is founded on the principle that when it comes to politics and voting systems, ensuring that citizens have access to transparent, secure, and auditable election systems and processes takes precedence over political alliances and affiliations. Our democratic republic rests on the principle of the consent of the governed. Our voting systems must ensure that consent without ambiguity.  On that all Americans, no matter what political stripe, might agree. 

To this end, we advocate for legislation that would make Georgia an exemplar for voting systems: paper ballots that include ADA and HAVA compliant paper ballot marking systems for accessibility, precinct based ballot scanning for tabulation, and mandatory Risk Limiting Audits (RLA's).


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Fundamentals of democratic voting systems and processes. Where does Georgia stand?


Can the voting public know with certainty that Ga's voting system is secure?  No.  There is no way that voters can determine if the direct electronic voting machines Georgia uses for elections are recording their votes as cast. All votes are recorded by software code and tabulated by software code that is written by vendors and is proprietary.  There is no paper ballot which could be manually counted and compared with the software's results to check the accuracy of the software.


Is Georgia's election system transparent?  Ask yourself when you are standing at that voting machine next election:  "Where is my vote going?  Who is counting it?  How is it counted?" Well, my friend puts it perfectly.  She says the process is like telling your vote to someone you don't know who is standing behind a curtain and hoping they count your vote as you intended.  Why would we do that?  Politicans and election officials often tell us that we need to have faith in the voting system.  Voting is not a religion.  We don't need faith, we need proof. 


Can citizens have certainty that audits of the Georgia elections are accurate? No.   There is currently no election audit law in Georgia.  What the Elections Division does for a recount is load the same memory cards from the DRE machines into the same election management software on tabulating computers that they used with the initial counts and always come up with the same numbers.