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Source Documents

  1. 2017 Critical Infrastructure and DHS Hacking Attempts, David Dove, chief of staff & legal counsel, Georgia SOS, Legislative Update, January 24, 2017
  2. 2016 The Election Administration and Voting Survey Comprehensive Report, A Report to the 115th Congress, U.S. Election Assistance Commission
  3. 2016 Technical Guidelines Committee, Brian Hancock ppt presentation
  4. 2015 Brennan Center for Justice:  America's Voting Machines at Risk
  5. 2011 NIST Final Report of the TDGC Auditability Working Group
  6. 2010 2010-12 Maryland Voting System Study (Diebold DRE)
  7. 2007 University of Pennsylvania EVEREST-Hart
  8. 2007 California Top to Bottom (CA-TTB) Diebold DRE Analysis
  9. 2007 California Top to Bottom (CA-TTB) Red Team Overview
  10. 2007 Election Audits: Written Testimony, Pamela Smith, president, Verified Voting, before Committee on House Administration, Subcommittee on Elections, US House of Representatives
  11. 2007 NIST Draft White Paper: Requiring Software Independence [SI] in VVSG STS Recommendations for the TGDC
  12. 2006 Brennan Center Task Force on Voting System Security, "The Machinery of Democracy:  Protecting Elections in an Electronic World."
  13. 2005 Hursti Report Critical Security Issues Diebold Precinct Based Optical Scan 1.94w
  14. 2005 Testimony, U.S. Election Assistance Commission, New York, NY, Dr. Aviel D. Rubin, Professor of Computer Science
  15. 2005 GAO Report: Federal Efforts to Improve Security and Reliability of Electronic Voting Systems
  16. 2004 Yale Study of Tiny Systematic Vote Manipulations
  17. 2004 Kohno, Stubblefield, Rubin, Wallach | Johns Hopkins: "Analysis of an Electronic Voting System, ©IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy."
  18. 2004 RABA Trusted Agent Report AccuVote: "The Independent Testing Authorities validate functionality but do not perfor m security analyses. In consideration of these facts, we strongly recommend that the SBE require their vendors to provide independent source-code level security assessments for their products. Proprietary concerns should never be allowed to mask security through obscurity."
  19. 2004 "Threats to Voting System Transparency," submitted to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, Gaithersburg, Maryland, September 20, 2004, Douglas W. Jones, associate professor, The University of Iowa Department of Computer Science
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  21. 2004 Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) Statement for U.S. Election Assistance Commission News Conference
  22. 2004 Auditing Elections, Doug Jones
  23. 2003 Maryland SAIC Report [Unredacted-complete]: Risk Assessment Report Diebold AccuVote-TS Voting System and Processes
  24. 2003 Ohio Compuware Technical Security Assessment Report
  25. 2001 CalTech MIT Report Recommending Electronic Voting and Registration Systems

IV. States

  1. 2017 Supervising and Managing Elections in Prince George’s County Precinct 17-01,
    90100, State of Maryland: On the Transition from DREs to Voter-Marked Ballots and
    Precinct-Based Scanners.
  2.   2017 Verified Voting, U.S. Voting Technology by State, last accessed 9/19/2017
  3. 2017 Virginia Department of Elections Decertifies Remaining Paperless DREs
  4. 2017 Wendy Underhill NCSL Presentation, “Election Policies:  A National Overview"
  5. 2017 How Maryland Votes
  6. 2016 Nebraska Special Committee Election Technology
  7. 2014 Minnesota Post Election Audits
  8. 2010 Maryland Voting Systems Study
  9. 2010 Maryland-DRE-OpScan-Cost Analysis
  10. 2007 Florida Moves To Paper Ballots
  11. 2007 Florida DRE Failed Experiment by Ellen Thiesen
  12. 2006 Elections Science Institute DRE Analysis for May Primary
  13. 2006 Florida Antitrust Civil Investigative Demand re Diebold Election Systems
  14. 2006 Election Data Services Report on Electronic Voting: 69 Million Voters will use Optical Scan Ballots
  15. 2006 Electronic Voting Failures 2006 Midterms, VotersUnite, VoteTrustUSA
  16. 2006 Diebold Subpoena
  17. 2005 Auditing Elections Workshop VoteTrustUSA Leadership Workshop and Strategy Session
  18. 2005 Florida Diebold Denied Certification for AccuVote-TSX ballot station. "Additionally, my staff has noted an additional recurring problem with the AccuVote-TSX that freezes the ballot station and requires it to be rebooted. After extensive testing, these problems remain unresolved. Therefore, I have determined that the AccuVote-TSX ballot station with AccuView Printer Module, as currently presented for certification, is not suitable for the purpose for which it is intended."
  19. 2004 California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley Bans Diebold TSX for Use in November 2004 General Election
  20. 2004 Florida Volusia County polltape no zero report

V. GAVV GA Research Documents and Reports

  1. 2017 In the Superior Court of Fulton County, Affidavit of Logan Lamb, June 2017
  2. 2014 Exhibit 1 KSU presentation
  3. 2001-15 Georgia Secretary of State Certification Documents
  4. 2007 GA Cost Comparison DRE/vvpat vs Optiscan with ballot marking devices for ADA/HAVA compliance
  5. 2007 Barr Election Board Statement in support of GAVV Complaint
  6. 2006 GAVV BOE complaint GAVV Donna Price
  7. 2006 Kennesaw Elections Certification
  8. 2006 Rivest GA Poll Watch Report (incl commentary on vvpat pilot testing and KSU parallel testing)
  9. 2006 Kathy Rogers confirms D Tablet with Diebold no ITA certification listed under "current version...1.18.22G"
  10. 2006 VVPAT Cobb County GA Pilot Report
  11. 2006 VVPAT Audits in Camen and Bibb Counties
  12. 2006 Camden County VVPAT Pilot Program
  13. 2002 Cox Urosevich Punch List
  14. 2002 ITA (Ciber) letter to Doug Lewis, Election Center, confirming that the testing of GEMS 10-18-15 was completed on Dec 6 2002, a month after the 2002 Presidential Election was conducted on the Diebold DREs in GA.
  15. Merle King Quotes

VI. Georgia Paperless DRE State Marketing

  1. 2005 Georgia Electronic Voting handout by The Election Center/with interleaved comments by David Jefferson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Chair, CA Secretary of State’s Voting Systems Technical Assessment and Advisory Board
    CA Electronic Voting Task Force Member; National Science Foundation Panel on Internet Voting
  2. 2004 The Georgia Method by Merle King and Brit Williams
  3. 2004 Kathy Rogers Testimony EAC

VII. Georgia Election Audit Records

  1. 2004 Dekalb DRE Recap1
  2. 2004 Tattnall County DRE Absentee Recap Form, i.e. early voting
  3. 2004 Rehoboth-accum
  4. 2003 Letter to Diebold from Cathy Cox re: State Certification Testing Events
VIII. Georgia Contract with Diebold
  1. Contract
  2. Appendix c
  3. Appendix e
  4. Appendix i
  5. Appendix j
  6. Appendix l
  7. Appendix m
  8. Appendix n
  9. First Amendment
  10. Second Amendment
  11. Third Amendment
  12. Fifth Amendment
  13. GEMS Configuration

IX. Publications
  1. 2012 "Broken Ballots:  Will Your Vote Count in the Electronic Age?" Douglas W. Jones and Barbara Simons
  2. "Myth Breakers: Facts about Electronic Elections," 2nd Edition (VotersUnite.org)